Geothermal waters

The properties of geothermal waters – extracted from the interior of the Earth have been appreciated for a very long time. By definition, they are warm, however, they owe their special properties to their exceptional saturation with minerals and elements.

Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park is an excellent place to relax and rehabilitate in the geothermal waters from our own borehole. Here, you will find as many as 3 pools filled with these miraculous waters: an outdoor pool (open in the summer season), a year-round pool and a geothermal pool in the Aqua-park. The water from these pools is supplied from a depth of as many as 1306 metres and has many medical properties. Bathing in this water is recommended for chronic motor organ and respiratory diseases, in a period of convalescence and for the purpose of increasing overall immunity. Additionally, there are loungers and seats at the geothermal pool to ensure a hydro-massage that enhances the positive effects of bathing in such waters. The massage will relax your tense muscles and cause relaxation throughout your entire body. If this still does not sound convincing enough, it is worth mentioning the physical activities taking place in the pool. They are widely used in the treatment and rehabilitation of many diseases.

The main ingredients of the geothermal waters at Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park include; sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, chlorides and many others. The high concentration of these elements makes the waters perfect also for preventive reasons and bathing in such waters is recommended by the National Institute for Public Health. It is also worth remembering that regularity is of great importance here. We will achieve much better results when geothermal waters are used more frequently, but for a shorter period of time. It is sufficient to take a 20-minute bath, but 2-3 times a week.

The most important benefits from bathing in pools with the geothermal water at Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park:

  • Regular bathing in geothermal pools ensures protection against old age ailments, stimulates the defensive abilities of the organism and is the perfect environment for rehabilitation.
  • Geothermal waters, full of minerals and microelements, help you to enjoy your health for a longer time: they support the proper functioning of the respiratory system, alleviate muscle and joint pain and regulate blood circulation and speed of metabolism.
  • A bath in geothermal waters saturated with minerals is a solid dose of relaxation for your body and spirit. It relaxes your muscles, allows you to get rid of tension, relieves the effects of stress and adds energy and vitality.
  • The ingredients of our geothermal waters have a soothing effect on your skin and improve its condition: The magnesium contained in the waters is characterised by anti-aging properties and has a toning effect; sodium and potassium ensure a suitable level of hydration; calcium has an anti-sensitising effect and iron improves the skin tone.
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