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On 1 March 2018, an act which imposes restrictions on trade on Sundays came into force in Poland. The provisions of the act do not apply to Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park which is open every Sunday.

After purchasing a ticket at cash desks, you will receive a special wrist-band with an electronic chip, i.e. a transponder, which is at the same time the key to your locker in the locker room, the pass between zones and a kind of a payment card.

The lockers in the Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park locker room are opened using a touch screen located at the ends of the rows of lockers. The lockers can be selected freely; the selection on the touch screen determines the assignment of a particular locker. In order to open a locker, simply follow the instructions displayed on the touch screen. It is important to leave your locker closed.

No payment at the facility is made by cash, but rather using a transponder which serves as a payment card. The transponder records when a given zone is changed as well as the time spent in each zone, the towel hires, meals in the restaurant and sauna bar, etc.

An extra fee based on a per-minute billing rate, indicated on the price list, is charged for any extension of your stay beyond the time purchased on your ticket, or for a change in the area of stay to one not covered by the ticket you purchased. The final settlement takes place when you decide to leave the facility, in accordance with the reading from the transponder.

The time of your stay is measured from the moment you pass the gate at the cash desk till the moment you make the settlement based on the transponder’s reading. When preparing to leave the facility, as you wait to pay, the transponder can be stopped for 10 minutes – special readers are located near the cash desks for this purpose. However, failure to complete payment during this time results in the continuous per-minute billing (i.e. the time stoppage in the paid zone is cancelled).

The transponder also allows for free passage between the zones in the facility, i.e. the Sports Pools, the Aquapark and Sauna World. Each person may move to the ”more expensive” zone, however, an additional fee for each commenced minute of stay will be charged for the time spent there in accordance with the price list. When moving to a “cheaper” zone, an extra fee will not be charged – the time spent there becomes part of the time of the purchased ticket, and the fee for any extension of your stay is billed according to the established tariff.

Children up to the age of 13 may visit Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park only under the supervision of adults (at least 18 years old). People under the age of 18 years old should have a valid document which confirms their age. Entry into Sauna World is reserved for people over the age of 18.

Swimming shoes and swimming apparel are mandatory in the swimming pool halls. For females – a one- or two-piece swimsuit, and for males – swimming trunks or shorts.

For safety reasons Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park is a monitored facility. Monitoring is provided in public areas, with full respect for privacy, however, this does not include Sauna World and SPA 1306, the shower cabin areas and the toilets.

Detailed information on using the car park can be found >>here<<.

Malta Thermal Baths and Water Park is a facility provided with a number of amenities for the disabled and you can check them >>here<<.

More information:

Customer Service Bureau, open every day from 7:30 a.m. till 11:15 p.m.
phone: (+48) 61 222 61 61

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